We are proud to be supported by our loyal partners. Read their opinions on the Zavod Vitae+ programme below.

President of OKS ZŠZ

Bogdan Gabrovec

“It is a mistake to believe that athletes, during the period of their active sports careers, secure their existence for the rest of their lives. The opposite is true. There are far too many not at their best when the spotlight goes out. It is the latter that the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Federation Sports Associations needs to take care of. For their second career, to educate and train them, to help them find a job. For them to become proud members of society in their well-deserved retirement and not the target of a permissive environment. As the Chinese said long ago, you must teach them to fish; you cannot just bring it to them on a plate.

“The task is anything but easy. This is why I am also pleased to welcome Zavod Vitae+ as a partner in the Olympia family. These are renowned experts from various fields who, in cooperation with the OCS FSA Career Centre for athletes, will offer education and training to Slovenian sportsmen and women at the end of their careers, thus supporting them in their life development.”


Dali Bungič

Uspehi naših športnic in športnikov, pa tudi vrednote, ki nam jih pokažejo ob porazih, v nas vzbujajo ponos. Športnice in športniki so tisti, ki nas kot narod povezujejo. Po zaključku njihove kariere pa se nemalokrat zgodi, da na svoji novi poti ostanejo sami. Zato smo se v Luna \TBWA brez zadržka pridružili pobudi Zavoda Vitae +. 
The Vitae + Institute strengthens the awareness among individuals and companies that we can return to athletes the positive feelings they have given us in their sports careers after the end of their careers. With a planned approach and support system, it is easier for them to embark on a new career path. Respect for sports and athletes is at the heart of the institution's efforts, which empowers all participants with a desire for excellence, results and the awareness that together we create new good stories.

Director of Competa

Matic Vošnjak

The vast majority of changes in our lives are not the easiest. Even those "simple", let alone larger ones. I myself believe that we choose every change ourselves. Athletes also choose to stop doing top sports. It is true, however, that the vast majority choose it because of circumstances. The Vitae + Institute offers comprehensive support to a top individual yesterday to stay top today and tomorrow. There are quite a few keen athletes in Compet and it is our greatest pleasure that, as experts in the development of an individual's career, we can contribute to the socially responsible initiative of the Vitae + Institute.