For a better future for the athlete

At the end of their sports careers, top sportsmen and women face the challenge of shaping their "second life" in a meaningful way. We want to help them find a new path in life.

About Zavod Vitae+

The aim of Zavod Vitae+ is to support top athletes at the end of their sports careers and in the transition to further life and work. We provide a distinctly individual and holistic treatment of the athlete, supported by a personal coach.



How did you come to establish a coaching programme when transitioning from an athletic career to a new path?

Testimonials about the programme

I support and appreciate any support and help for top athletes at the end of their sports careers. Individual, holistic support for athletes in the form of a personal coach can make it even easier for them to face and accept their new reality. I would have liked the help of experts myself when I made this decision. I believe that every successful athlete can also be successful in the job market. But what they need in the phase of transition to a new path is the support of an expert. In this way, they can quickly and easily recognise themselves and their own potential, deal intensively with the new reality, and develop techniques that will serve as ‘new props’ for life and work.

Dr. Franci Petek

Supporter of the Zavod Vitae+ programme


Spoznajte zgodbe nekdanjih športnikov, ki smo jim z našim programompomagali na poti do novih kariernih uspehov.